G-Force Gear UK is the official UK distributor for G-Force Gear USA.

Spear-headed by Heather Bellamy, here at G-Force Gear UK we specialise in providing these high quality, sport karate weapons at affordable prices to martial artists across the UK & Europe. 


GForcegear UK
Why Choose GForcegear?

Handcrafted in the USA and available in a huge range of stunning chrome colours GForce weapons are used by many of the best performance martial artists worldwide.


They are the lightest on the market and perfectly balanced and weighted to feel just right for tricks, spins, rolls and throws. As individual as you are, each weapon is handmade and customised with stunning attention to detail, the tough Mylar coating is high shine and eye catching to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.


GForce products are the highest quality in the market backed up with a customer service second to none. We are sure you will have a long life from your GForce product for many years to come.

GForcegear UK is part of a bigger picture

GForcegear is really a part of a bigger picture to provide products and services to the community of Sports Martial Arts Athletes across Europe.


So, the parent Company is called Unity International Games Ltd or UIG LTD for short. The Gforcegear brand and the Hyper Martial Arts brands are both a part of the UIG LTD set up. Hyper provide martial arts programmes and apparel for Martial Arts Athletes across the UK and Ireland.


UIG are official distributors for both GForcegear and Hyper Martial Arts, both product ranges are manufactured in the USA and stocked here in Europe. Most products are kept in stock and both brands can be ordered exclusively through us here in the UK. This means no more long waiting time for products, no shipping or customs hassles and no obsolescence if you are a martial arts school or academy owner.








Why does my invoice or PAYPAL say UIG LTD

To keep everything easy all of our paperwork for the above brands and the Unity Games Event will ALL show UIG LTD. So, if your confirmation receipt from PAYPAL, or order or emails say UIG LTD, then this is perfectly normal as they are the parent Company.











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