Product Examples

Below are examples of the range of weapons we provide here at Gforce Gear UK. If you see something you like, head on over to the Store to see if we have any of that weapon type in stock. If not you can contact us or fill out the order form on the Custom Order page if you wish.

The newest addition to the GForce Gear range, the illuminator weapons are a premium product designed to stand out and offer

stunning looks whilst still delivering the superb quality, lightness and balance you would expect from a GForce weapon.

Each hand crafted weapon is double wrapped in the incredible Illuminator tape which gives an amazing depth of colour that

changes as the light hits it. Available in six colours - Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Green and Yellow - the Illuminators almost seem to glow from within and have to be seen to be truly appreciated.


Competition Kamas

Available with or without switchblades GForce kamas are fully balanced, lightweight and perfect for tricks, spins and rolls. Choose between 12" and 14" lengths and a stunning array of head designs, bottom blade designs, colours and stripe options. Coated in tough high shine Mylar and wrapped in the middle for better grip these look simply stunning.

Kamas Cases

Available in black vinyl cover with zip all round. Separate section for each Kama and securing velcro points for the handles.

Holds one pair of Kamas, standard or switchblade (Kamas NOT included). Keep your investment safe and protected in this top quality case.


See the product Store for details.