Product Examples

Below are examples of the range of weapons we provide here at Gforce Gear UK. If you see something you like, head on over to the Store to see if we have any of that weapon type in stock. If not you can contact us or fill out the order form on the Custom Order page if you wish.

Tuff Cases

Brand NEW improved design TUFF Case 2 is durable and strong, made from hard plastic to protect your investment in high quality GForce weapons. We have further improved the benefits of our first TUFF case to include special venting for easy cap removal. Various sizes can be supplied as standard with custom options available to order. Long and short weapons can be accommodated, with various sizes that can hold up to 3 or 7 Bo Staffs for example. New Sword/bokken and Chucks cases are now also available in the same design.



Kamas Cases

Available in black vinyl cover with zip all round. Separate section for each Kama and securing velcro points for the handles.

Holds one pair of Kamas, standard or switchblade (Kamas NOT included). Keep your investment safe and protected in this top quality case.


See the product Store for details.