Jackson Rudolph - 14-17 Weapons Finals - Diamond Nationals 2014

One of the world's top Bo Staff athletes using one of Gforce's Two-Tone Bos with a spectrum stripe running through the centre.

Steven So - 2014 Pan American Int'ls - Men's Weapons Grands

Steven is a member of Team G-Force over in the USA and chucks are his weapon of choice. Here you can see him using a reversible set of our Competition Chucks.

Nunchuck Tricks - Matt Emig

This video shows Matt Emig doing a compilation of his Nunchuck Tricks and Skills. Matt is using a selection of his signature Chucks.

Team NRG | 2013 | Demo Reel

Check out Team NRG's demo reel where you can see one of our sponsored athletes Trey Drysdale using Gforce's Switchblade Kamas & also Craig Canning demonstrating his Chucks skills.

Luke Scott - Weapons - 2014 Amerikick Internationals

See the Extreme Bo in action with green accents in this Extreme Weapons performance from another of our sponsored athletes Luke Scott.

Sammy Smith - 14-17 Weapons - 2014 Quebec Open

A green set of Competition Chucks is the weapon of choice for Team G-Force's Sammy Smith. See how well the tape reflects off the light here in her performance at the Quebec Open.