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Product Examples

Below are examples of the range of weapons we provide here at Gforce Gear UK. If you see something you like, head on over to the Store to see if we have any of that weapon type in stock. If not you can contact us or fill out the order form on the Custom Order page if you wish.

The newest addition to the GForce Gear range, the illuminator weapons are a premium product designed to stand out and offer

stunning looks whilst still delivering the superb quality, lightness and balance you would expect from a GForce weapon.

Each hand crafted weapon is double wrapped in the incredible Illuminator tape which gives an amazing depth of colour that

changes as the light hits it. Available in six colours - Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Green and Yellow - the Illuminators almost seem to glow from within and have to be seen to be truly appreciated.


Competition Bos

Apprentice Bos

Available in a range of different heights and a multitude of colours these Bo's allow you to really show your individual style. Perfectly weighted for hand rolls, throws, spins and tricks the Bo's are made of tough but lightweight wood and coated in high shine Mylar film in a huge range of colour options, they come complete with grip tape in the middle. Available with a variety of options like Extreme, Two-Tone, Half & Half, Swirl, Spectrum and Confetti to name a few as well as special signature editions - the choices are endless to satisfy your personal taste.

The perfect weapon to start learning performance Bo with. Just as lightweight and handcrafted in the same way as competition level Bo's The Apprentice Bo is a very cost effective way of getting a genuine GForce Bo. Available in four high shine chrome colours and three heights, with or without grip tape.

Traditional Bos

Available in different heights and a various colours these Bo's allow you to really show off in your traditional performances. Send us a message via our Contact page and ask for details if you wish to order one.